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About the company

Training and Education of EGST, s.r.o. Employees

The company management emphasizes increase in its employees’ qualification resulting in increased quality of services rendered to its customers. On these grounds, the company organizes a number of external and internal training and education for its employees.

The company organizes the following education and training for all company employees on an annual basis:
  • safety at work and first aid,
  • knowledge of basic regulations and standards applicable to the energy sector,
  • training for company vehicle drivers – knowledge of traffic rules and first aid,
The company organizes the following seminars and trainings for the design department employees:
  • participation at seminars and training, company presentations, fairs and exhibitions in which main reputable producers and suppliers of components for equipment designed or assembled for customers by our company are participating,
  • internal training on principles of protection and control system functioning in the energy sector,
The company organizes the following seminars and trainings for production, assembly and service employees:
  • participation at company seminars and training organized for main suppliers and reputable producers of components for equipment assembled for customers by our company,
  • internal seminars and training on principles of protection and management system functioning and setting up in the energy sector,
  • assembly of equipment under supervision of a more experienced colleague.
The company organizes the following seminars and training for economic and commercial department employees:
  • external seminars and training on changes in legislation (tax laws, Labour Code, Commercial Code, Civil Code, Public Procurement Act, etc.)
  • consultation with tax advisors and auditors,
  • self-study of literature, internet, communication with customers.

Seminars and training of all technical employees according to Decree No. 50, concerning protection against injury caused by electricity, manner of protection of energy equipment, safety at work, energy equipment operation and basic provision of first aid in the case of injury caused by electricity, are organized every 3 years as a matter of fact.

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