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About the company

Company History

The company was originally founded as a physical person under the name Zdeněk Tetřev – EGST ENERGOSERVIS comprising mostly employees of the former Východočeská energetika (VČE)/East Bohemia Energy Distribution Company. Since the beginning, it has presented itself in the role of the company involved in rendering services for electricity producers and distributors. The main business activities included light-current applications for control, management and protection of heavy-current energy equipment (transformers, switches, disconnectors, line air and cable wiring and complete sets of distribution boards of all voltage levels - 22kV, 35kV, 110kV, 220kV and 400kV).

In 1993, the company started – as one of the first companies in the Czech Republic - to assemble, set up and introduce into operation new digital protections in energy companies. Due to close cooperation with digital protection producers, the company Zdeněk Tetřev – EGST ENERGOSERVIS became the distributor of protections and provider of services for protections and defect recorders, i.e. SKŘ and DŘT equipment.

At that time the design department started to shape up in the company. In 1997, a new company was formed – a legal entity under the commercial name EGST, s.r.o. The company assumed business activities of the former physical person Zdeněk Tetřev – EGST ENERGOSERVIS. A new registered office of the company was bought and reconstructed in Všehrdova street in Hradec Králové. At that time, the company extended its activities by designing and assembly of management systems for energy sector, including cooperation with reputable suppliers of this technology.

In 1999, the company was certified under ISO 9000 for the first time. Since that time the full scope of the company activity, commencing with procurement, warehousing, production, assembly, service and ending with designing, trading and work organization has been recertified regularly.

Additional staff was recruited to join the design department and, at the wish of key customers, a number of designing instruments (software) used for creation of projects were gradually introduced. Currently, the company is able to prepare a project documentation according to a customer wish in AutoSketch, AutoCAD, e Plan and RUPLAN EVU.

Currently, the company develops its services in all the above areas and it strongly focuses on quality of rendered services with high level of added value, complexity of services and maximum satisfaction of customer requirements and needs. On these grounds, the company invests significant financial resources in training and education of its employees, in acquisition of measuring instruments and equipment for its production and assembly employees, as well as computer technology and software for its designers.

The company consistently monitors new trends in energy sector. It flexibly adapts its services according to its customer needs. Currently, the company offers complex solution for future operators of renewable energy sources in the area of connection of their electricity plants to distribution networks, starting with an introductory study of possible technical solutions, project documentation processing and implementation, and ending with guarantee and post-guarantee servicing.

As for electricity distributors and traders, the company further offers designs and implementation of consumption or measuring of electricity production and possibly also installation of analyzers of electricity quality.

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